The Black Obsidian Yoni Egg is a perfect tool for releasing disharmony, fear, anger, and resentment. It boosts self control and helps to rid you of negative attachments to past lovers and assists yon in the pocess of moving on.


How To Use:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Find a space where you feel safe and comfortable. 
  3. Before insertion of the egg, massage your body and breasts to arouse yourself. You will know you are ready to insert the egg when you are fully aroused and your yoni is expanded and lubricated. If there is no enough natural lubrication, you may want to use our Yoni Oil for lubricant.
  4. When your body is ready, take your yoni egg, warm the egg with your hands, hold the smaller end of the egg with your hand and place the larger end of the egg between your inner labia, and gently push the egg up as far as comfortable inside your yoni canal. Always insert the larger end of the egg first, so the smaller end with string is towards the front of the yoni.
  5. Once the egg is in your yoni, try to squeeze your egg then release it. By practicing the contracting and releasing cycle, you can strengthen your love muscles and gain greater awareness and sensitivity. You can perform this practice while lying down, sitting, kneeling  and standing positions.
  6. After your love muscles become stronger and more sensitive, you can try to squeeze the egg and lift it upwards, or push it downwards. Use your love muscles to play with the egg.
  7. Remove the egg after  the practice, gently pull the string to remove the egg. After use, remove and clean the egg by washing with natural soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water, let it dry.


You start with a large Yoni egg because it is easier to feel and simpler for your muscles to grip it, especially if they are already weak. Bigger eggs are also heavier, so they will also act as weights and be harder to keep in for longer time periods. But don’t worry — if you’re a beginner it’s normal to be unable to keep the egg in. Start by doing your exercises by sitting or lying down. As you build pelvic floor muscle strength and dexterity, you will be able to start using smaller and smaller eggs.


3 Yoni Eggs In Each Set 

Black Obsidian Yoni Egg Set (Drilled)

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