The Fruit Of The Womb Starter Kit is ideal for women trying to conceive! The goal is to detox your womb & Yoni making healthier wellness habits & ultimatly increasing your chances of fertility. Everything you need to obtain a healthy uterus is here. For more information see individual products.


Included in this bundle:

  • 2  Full Empower Pearls Cleanses ( 6 total)
  • Womb Detox Tea
  • pH Balance Blend Yoni Steam

Fruit Of The Womb Starter Kit

  • You can use these products in any order and still see effective results but here are a few suggestions:

    • Drink our "Because I am... WOM(B)AN" Tea as often as 1-2x a day.
    • Use our Empower Pearls at least 10 days prior to your expected period. 
    • Yoni Steam with our pH Balance Blend 3 days after yoni cleanse is done. 
    • Be consistant.
    • Finish kit within 2-3 months.
    • Set good intentions and release anything holding you back!