Yoni Detox 3 Full Cleanses


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Yoni Detox 3 Full Cleanses


Our Yoni Detox Pearls are a blend of herbs that break down toxins inside of the vagina as well as the uterine walls. The blend of herbs stimulate the healing process. Cleansing with our Yoni Detox Pearls can eliminate Bacterial Vaginosis, Endometriosis, Fibroid, vaginal odor, tubal blockage, heavy cycles, and more! Rejuvenate and restore you lady fruit. Its a 9 day detox, 3 days in, 3 days out, and 3 days until you can begin another cleanse. It is very important to drink at least half your weight in ounces of water, as it will aid in removal of the toxins.

3 Pearls = 1 Full Cleanse


Borneol, pseudo-ginseng, ligusticum wallichii, frankincense, myrrh, the root of red-rooted salvia, safflower, peach kernel, polygonum caspidatum, root bark of peony tree, radices saussureae, Lignum santali albi, rhizoma cyperi

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The shipping time took such a long time

I want to know how to intrude

is that well? wear a pearl inside me 3 days. or a pearl each day ?? I need to know so I already have how to buy.

Loved it

Before I tried my first cleanse of yoni pearls I was getting bv/yeast infections almost everytime I had sex for the last year or so. After the pearls I noticed my natural lubrication came back, I was tighter and sex was much more enjoyable.. though my bv came back it wasn’t nearly as bad. Going to try 2 more cleanes as recommended to really fight this thing off . All in all I was really scared to try but I loved my result! Would highly recommend

Life changing

At first I was a little hesitant about trying this product out of fear. However, I did the detox and afterwards felt like a virgin again (it tightens your vagina), my cycle became regular (I've been irregular for years), and the cramping I previously experienced during my cycle was bearable. I highly recommend this product! Also the Pearls came individually packaged which allowed me to test one at a time. If you're hesitant like I was... Understadable but GO FOR IT!!!!!

Amazing !!!

Before my yoni cleanses I was experiencing pelvic pain and irregular period that sometime came twice a month for 7-8 days with heavy bleeding. I also Sometimes I had issues with smelly discharge. After just one cleanse my pelvic pain was almost entirely gone! After my second cleanse my period had shortened to 3-4 days. After my third cleanse I have no pelvic pain, very short periods that are less painful and less heavier.

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